About Me

Hiya! Wow, so…you want to know about me, eh? That’s…humbling, honestly!  I mean, I’m THRILLED you’re here, and just a little bit flabbergasted at the same. Thank you for visiting! Here’s a little bit about me so you know whose blabbing you’re reading when you visit!

I’m Rebecca! [Hi, Rebecca!]  I started out as an obnoxiously boisterous Tom-Boy child (is “Tom Boy” a thing any more? Is that not a PC/feminist term? It was a thing when I was it, back in the dark ages…called the 80s), and gravitated towards athletics my whole educational career. When I FINALLY graduated University I had a degree in Kinesiology which I LOVED LOVED getting, but had no idea what to do with. I went back to school to become a Registered Massage Therapist, which I currently work at. And I love. LOVE LOVE LOVE my job.


I used to be a big dreamer. I’d think and wish and wonder what life would be like if I did this or that. Sometimes I’d take a step in that direction or another, and then totally drop whatever it was. For a week or two in grade 6 I played the guitar.  I was an epic scrapbooker for a time.  I’ve even sewn a quilt top…which sits, waiting to magically become a quilt…in my laundry room….a year after it was originally done…. But other things I could fixate on and just keep on trucking until I got them done – earning my degree, for example, after a rocky battle with depression and an eating disorder derailed my educational endeavours, and then I was interrupted  further by marriage and babies!


(Yes, that’s right! I’ve been married…forever hahaha and we have the two nuttiest, funniest, most fantastical little souls in our household.  They are THE BEST.  Hi, family!! xoxo)


Somewhere along the winding journey I learned how to set goals, and crush them. And while I don’t feel like I’m always good at it – I’ve been trying to lose the same weight for the last 10 years for pity’s sake, and that quilt top is still on top of my dryer, mocking me every time I do the laundry – I’m often complimented on my ability to accomplish things I set my mind to. I feel like it’s an odd and non-specific skill! hahaha


But it’s such an important odd, non-specific skill for someone with the mental health issues that I face, in my opinion. My goal-setting and scheduling techniques are what I credit my current state of being “well” to. You know, that state of being where it doesn’t matter how fat you are or if your face broke out like a pizza this month’s cycle and yet people can’t stop mentioning “you look GREAT!” That intangible feeling of  that so many of us have been chasing since adolescence.  The day to day contentment that fights off the Eeyore-ific ennui of the chronically, clinically depressed.


Recently I was also accused of having a remarkable amount of grit. It was the Best. Compliment. Ever.


Then, I was told by a friend that she thinks she could learn a lot from me and my process – how I do every day, set goals, get the goals. Fail at the goals and DON’T hate myself. How in the heck do you do all that, she wants to know.


So, I set a goal, and Grit Gets Goals was born!


I’d love to invite you to follow along as I go through the whole process!  Goal-setting is a lifelong journey in stretching yourself to your limits and fighting your inner daemons. It’s a hell of a ride, but if I can do it, you most definitely can. Because…I’m nobody.  I’m just a nobody with grit.

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Let’s get started!