You may wonder how a blogger makes money. Well, there are potentially lots of ways, aaaand just as many opportunities to NOT make money hahaha!

ONE of the ways I make money writing is by being affiliated with some of my FAVOURITE things – I will gush to you about these ALL DAY if you let me, and none of it is because of the small commission I get if you happen to find yourself something at one of the links below.


You guys. This book made my LIFE. I love love love love LOVE it. Opening the email telling me I’d been accepted into their Rep program was one of the highlights of this whole journey. CHECK THEM OUT! If you get one do yourself a favour and COMMIT TO USING IT; you won’t be sorry!!


This is an actual self-care tool and I don’t write about it much – I use it more in my massage therapy practice than anything else. But I wanted to include it because I love and use mine so much – just 10 minutes a day helps release the tension in my back, alleviate my headaches, and just lets me totally zone out for a few minutes, something I am desperately in need of on the regular! It’s hard to keep my mental health in check when my back is bugging me – this is an excellent tool to help!